Corporate Games USA

Round Robin group play followed by single elimination tournament.
Coed Open 6v6
*Minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 on roster

Fallon Sports Park
4605 Lockhart St.
Dublin, CA 94568

Teams shall supply their own uniforms with unique numbers on identically colored jerseys or shirts. 

Matches will consist of the best 2 of 3 games. 

A team will win a game by eliminating all players on the opposing team. If after 5 minutes both teams still remain, the team with the most players left will be declared the winner of that game. A ball thrown at an opposing player's head will result in the thrower being eliminated from that game. 

​Coed teams must have a minimum of three (3) women on the roster and two (2) women on the court at all times. 

Medals will be provided to the top 3 teams in each event and points are earned by top 5 finishers. Results will be posted at the competition site. 
Corporate Points

Place (points): 1st (60),  2nd (48), 3rd (36), 4th (24), 5th (12)
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